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Review: Cinderella Goes To The Potty by Justin Blaney

Cinderella Goes To The Potty
by Justin Blaney
Series: Isfits
Source: ebook copy from Litfuse for honest review
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An Isfits book.

Isfits . . . postmodern fairy tales and cautionary confessions.

Cinderella scratched a new line on the wall every night when the clock struck twelve. For 999 nights, she’d sworn to herself that she wouldn’t stay long enough to see 1000. Cinderella heard the old man and the old woman clunking up the stairs. The clock began to chime. Cinderella was out of time. She had a decision to make—the kind of decision that could change her life or take it from her.

Cinderella Goes to the Potty is 1 of 6 short stories that will make up a full length graphic novel. I'll be honest, this is definitely one of the weirder books I've read. The first time I read it I was really confused by the ending. It was very abrupt and we don't get to see if Cinderella found what she was looking for. At this point, I'm not too sure if the rest of the story will continue in another one of the books or if that's it. But the ending of this one left me in suspense and I'm dying to know if Cinderella found the good potty!

I don't want to try to give my own synopsis since it's already a very short book, I'll probably end up telling you the whole story :D One thing I really liked was the style the illustrations were done in, I could just stare at the pictures all day! I loved the colors, fonts, and shadowing used throughout. It added an eerie feeling to the book, along with the whole bloody axe thing.. you'll have to read it to find out what I'm talking about :) Something I wasn't a big fan of was how the text would sometimes wrap around objects and I'd have to tilt my head and turn my kindle upside down to read it. I'm sure I looked strange doing that. Haha! It was a distraction from the rest of the story.

Because of the title this might seem like a children's book that'd be good to read to them while potty training.. Well, it isn't! It could scare them enough that they won't want to go near a toilet because it might eat them. LOL! I read somewhere that these short stories are for young adults. I do think they'd enjoy them a bit more and would appreciate the cool illustrations a lot more than little kids would.

Overall I thought this was a pretty neat short story. If it sounds like something you'd like, definitely check it out!

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