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Review: Unleashed (Heroes of the Horde) by Jennifer Hartz

by Jennifer Hartz
Series: Heroes of the Horde, #1
Desert Breeze Publishing (May 2013)
Source: PDF copy from author for review
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Six mismatched students at Deacon Proprietary are about to discover the demonic legend of their school’s origin is actually true. Not only have they obtained amazing powers, but they’ve also unleashed the demonic Horde. Now it’s up to these six high school freshmen to stop the Horde before its evil spreads throughout the school and beyond.

Jennifer Hartz is one of my favorite authors, so I was very excited when I found out that she was venturing into the YA genre. I've been reading more and more YA and I just can't get enough of it! It's also a super hero-type story! It's a combination that I found to be pretty awesome. And don't even get me started on the cover. I love the comic book look to it :D

One thing I liked was how the story shifted between each of the 6 high schoolers. I know this would probably be a bad thing if the author didn't do it just right. Trying to keep track of who's who could be distracting and take away from the story, but I thought in this case Jennifer made the story flow effortlessly. Getting multiple perspectives made reading it all the more interesting and fun.

Out of the 6 main characters, Caitlyn was my favorite. I can't exactly pin point what it was about her, I just really liked her from the start. Maybe it was that I could relate to her being insecure. Feeling like she wasn't good enough, or that people still saw her the way she was and not being able to move on from it. I loved seeing her confidence grow a bit more by the end of the story. I also thought the rest of the characters were great. I liked that each of them had their own unique voice that allows us to really get into their heads and see how much they grew throughout the story.

This book has so many different elements mixed into it. There's a little paranormal here, lots of action there, and some sweet romance sprinkled on top. This isn't considered Christian fiction, but there are some Biblical elements in there. One of the characters is Christian and she does quote scripture to fight off the demons. Speaking of the scenes where they're fighting demons, they were pretty creepy and intense! I was actually glad the story wasn't as dark as I had expected. So there you go, Jenn has done it again! I thought this was a great start to the Heroes of the Horde series and I cannot wait for book 2!

Oh and one thing I do want to warn readers about is that there is one heated scene between one of the characters, Jimmy, and his girlfriend. But they're interrupted before anything happens, I'm glad it didn't go further than it did :) As far as I can remember, that was the only scene like that. I just thought I'd mention that as a warning.

About the author
Jennifer Hartz wrote and illustrated her first novel, an epic tale featuring winged fairies losing their magic wands to evil trolls, back when she was six years old. She has been a fan of fantasy and science fiction ever since. From the land of Mordor to a galaxy far, far away, Jennifer loves it all. Born in Pittsburgh, but currently living in northeast North Carolina with her amazing husband and beautiful son, Jennifer spends her days teaching, reading, and writing. The Future Savior series is Jennifer’s first crack at a novel since the early days of fairy wand heists and she couldn’t be more thrilled with its quick success.

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