Thursday, November 29, 2012

Desecration Blog Tour Day 4!

Hi guys! It's day 4 of the Desecration Blog Tour and I'm very excited to be part of it. Desecration is the fourth installment of the Future Savior series and it will be released this Saturday, December 1st! I know it's going to be an awesome read and I just can't wait to get it! Here the book blurb:

Charis’ latest time paradox has left me staggering. The history of Meric is being unraveled right before my eyes. While some unimaginable questions are being answered, even more start to creep up. Will we make it out of this place alive? Will we make it back to Meric in time to stop Leticia and save our friends? Will I ever marry Shaw, the man of my dreams?

I guess only time holds the answers to these questions. Considering I’m not even in my own time, I’m not so sure anymore. One thing I do know is I never would have thought Meric’s origins would have been in this place.

Yay! Ok, once you're done here, be sure to stop by Author Jennifer Hartz' site to read an excerpt of Desecration! And at the end of this post you can enter the giveaway for a chance to win a SIGNED copy of Book 1 in the FS series, Conception. For today's stop in the tour we have Christina interviewing Shaw! Well, sort of :)

Evangeline Lilly as Christina
Kellan Lutz as Shaw
Shaw: What are you doing?
Christina: I'm going to interview you. *taps pen on black & white marble notebook*
Shaw: What in the world for?
Jared Padalecki as Drexton
Christina: Because it'll be fun! Just cooperate, okay. *clears throat and eyes the muscles in his arms* Now Shaw, how much can you bench press?
Shaw: You can't be serious.
Drexton: *bursting into the room* Hey all! What ya guys doin'?
Christina: I'm interviewing Shaw.
Drexton: Have you asked him to take his shirt off yet?
Shaw: What!?
Christina: *laughs loudly* That's the third question on my list.
Drexton: Good luck, buddy! *smacks Shaw on the shoulder and walks out the door*
Christina: Okay, you didn't answer my question… how much can you bench press?
Shaw: You really want me to answer that?
Hayden Christensen as Rayliex
Christina: Of course! One of your Guardian powers is super strength. I just want to know how super your strength is.
Shaw: Well… I never really--*gets cut off by someone instantly appearing in the room*
Tiana Benjamin as Markella
Rayliex: *teleports into the room* Oh! Sorry to interrupt! *teleports away*
Christina: Ugh! This is ridiculous! Maybe I should try a different question.
Shaw: Maybe you should just stop with the questions. *smiles seductively at her*
Christina: *grins* Hmmm…should I just to question three? Will you take your shirt off? *snickers* 
Shaw: *Kisses Christina then moves to take off shirt*
Markella: *saunters into the room* Oh you two! Always so lovey-dovey.
Christina: That's it! I give up! *storms out of the room*

 * * *
Uh-oh! That didn't seem to go as planned :/ Sorry Christina! Maybe next time you won't be interrupted so much. At least there's still an awesome giveaway the readers can enter!

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  1. Loved the interview!!!!! EEKK one 'n a half days till Desecration release! *dances jig*

  2. Hey Crystal! I awarded your blog the "Sunshine Award"!


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