Saturday, August 11, 2012

My computer problems...

Hi guys! It's been a long time since I last posted and I wanted to apologize. I've been having computer problems for the past two months now and each time I think it's finally over, something else happens. In early June, my desktop computer started acting dumb. It wouldn't stay on for more than 30 mins. I have no idea what the problem was with it but it would just shut off out of nowhere. It annoyed the heck out of me, so I just gave up trying to use it and I decided to use my moms laptop.

The laptop did work for a while but then the battery burned out. It wouldn't hold a charge and when I'd try using it while charging, it'd make the fans run super loud. We ended up buying a new battery and I was sure these computer issues were over. WRONG! One morning when I went to plug in the charger, it made a loud "POP!" sound and kinda burst into flames. LOL! I can laugh now, but at the time I did get pretty scared. So, we had to buy a new charger and had to wait about a week for it to deliver. When we got it I thought, "Yay, I can finally post on my blog again! Oh how I miss all my blog buddies!" That excitement ended really quick because now the laptop is super slow. UGH!!!

So I wanted to tell you all that I'm sorry for not posting. I've wanted to cry a few times because it gets so frustrating! I actually thought about just shutting down my blog because it feels like this is never going to end. I won't though because I'd miss you too much!

I'm gonna see if I can buy a new computer sometime this week so I hope it will be the end of all this annoying stuff. Oh and my blogoversary was yesterday and I really wanted to do a Blogoversary Celebration, but I wasn't able to get all the posts together. I was thinking of doing a Belated Blogoversary Bash sometime this month. What do you think?

Thanks for understanding guys! I hope you'll stick around because I'll be back real soon!!


  1. Sorry about all your computer problems. Glad you are not shutting down your blog because this is one of my favorite blogs and you are a great blogging friend. :)

    A belated blogoversary bash sounds fun!

  2. So sorry about all the issues with your computer! There's nothing more frustrating. :) Glad you're still posting when you can!

  3. That sucks! I understand computer problems, I broke my laptop which has cut down on my blogging time. I hope you get everything sorted out soon, and HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!

  4. So sorry about all the problems with your computer! There's nothing more annoying. :) Grateful you're still publishing when you can!
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