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Review: Not in the Heart by Chris Fabry

Not in the Heart
by Chris Fabry
Tyndale House Publishers (February 2012)
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Truman Wiley used to report news stories from around the world, but now the most troubling headlines are his own. He’s out of work, out of touch with his family, out of his home. But nothing dogs him more than his son’s failing heart.

With mounting hospital bills and Truman’s penchant for gambling his savings, the situation seems hopeless . . . until his estranged wife throws him a lifeline—the chance to write the story of a death row inmate, a man convicted of murder who wants to donate his heart to Truman’s son.

As the execution clock ticks down, Truman uncovers disturbing evidence that points to a different killer. For his son to live, must an innocent man die? Truman’s investigation draws him down a path that will change his life, his family, and the destinies of two men forever.

Four words. I loved this book. 

Not in the Heart is not a light read at all. It touches some pretty tough issues and it brought out so many different feelings and emotions in me. I was so unprepared for the emotional ride I was about to go on when I started it. I couldn't decide whether I disliked Truman, was angry at him or felt bad for him. He was stubborn and sarcastic and half the things he did made me wanna slap some sense into him. But as the story progressed I saw how truly lost he was. He had a gambling addiction. His daughter wanted nothing to do with him. His relationship with his wife, well I wouldn't even call it a relationship. And his son was in a hospital bed dying of a failing heart. And what does Truman do? Run.

He kept running from it all. But when he's given the chance to write the story of Terrell Conley, a death row inmate who wants to donate his heart to Tru's son, he stops running and takes this opportunity he has to give his son a second chance at life. It isn't long until he discovers something about the murder Terrell was convicted of. This discovery could mean his son won't be getting a new heart after all... unless he's willing to let an innocent man be put to death. 

What an unforgettable story Not in the Heart turned out to be. I had expected it to be a sad story but I really didn't think it'd have such a big effect on me. It definitely made me think. The characters and everything about this book stayed with me long after I finished reading it. The situations they were in were so real and they came off as real people with real problems and struggles. And the ending! I was so shocked by the ending, it made me tear up a bit. I didn't see it coming at all.

Before this, I hadn't had the chance to read any of Chris Fabry's books. I've heard great things about them but never picked one up. After reading this book, I'll be looking out for more by him. He has gained a new fan. Once again, I loved this book and highly recommend it.

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  1. I loved this book, too! I had a strong negative reaction to Truman, though. I really disliked him, but I think the author wanted us to so we could see his growth and ultimate redemption at the end of the novel. I, too, was shocked at the end of the book. I did not see that coming at all!! Glad I found your blog - found you through The Parchment Girl! :)


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