Sunday, February 26, 2012

Future Savior Week

Wondering what Future Savior Week is? Well, to help Jennifer Hartz celebrate the release of Evacuation, Book 3 in her Future Savior series, I'm hosting a week long event right here! We're going to have interviews, a guest post, a sneak peek of Evacuation, and a special giveaway!

I should have posted this sometime last week or even before that, I know! But I'm hoping you'll join us this week for the fun :) You can check out the Amazon page for Future Savior Book 1: Conception and Future Savior Book 2: Resurrection to read a little more about this fantastic series


  1. Sounds interesting! So glad this blog is back to normal...I stopped by this afternoon, and it was invitation only for some reason. I was worried for a while! :P So I'm glad you're back. :)

    1. Hi Charity! Yes, it'll be lots of fun.. I hope you stop by!

      Oh yeah, I was fixing something on here and I knew things would look jumbled up so I changed the settings so only I could see.. sorry! Lol! But yes, I'm back and typing like a madwoman preparing these posts =D


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