Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review: Conception (Future Savior Book 1)

Conception (Future Savior Book 1)
by Jennifer Hartz
Desert Breeze Publishing (August 2010)
Christian Fiction/Fantasy

"I do not think it is a question of where, but when." were the words that Charis left my mother with thirty years ago when I disappeared from Meric…before I was born.

Shortly after being sent back I've been attacked by man-eating Vaipes. I've learned that my father was a power wielding Guardian. I've discovered that the silvery-blue eyes intriguing me my entire life belong to my Watcher, Shaw who is without a doubt the most handsome man I have ever seen. And somehow I need to stop a war mongering tyrant who can manipulate people's thoughts.

So my question isn't where or when. It is how? How can I help the people of Meric when I can't stop myself from falling in love?

..My Thoughts..

There have only been a handful of times when I've ended up really liking a book in the Fantasy genre. Conception is one of those books. Imagine being transported out of nowhere to a place you've never heard of and learning that you're destined to save all who dwell there. Yeah, well that's what Christina learns shortly after she arrives to the land of Meric, a home to elves, dwarves(dwarfs?), giants, and other interesting mythical creatures. It wasn't long until I was pulled into the world of Meric as the descriptions of the land and it's inhabitants brought it to life.

Conception is a story that does not disappoint with it's exciting plot, unique characters, and lots of action and adventure to keep readers engaged and entertained. Oh and did I mention this was Jennifer Hartz's debut novel? I loved it! Friendship, romance, raging battles, and betrayal are a few of the things we encounter as the characters journey toward the evil tyrant, Leticia, and prepare for battle. The cliff-hanger ending left me wanting the next book like.. now! I can't wait to get into Book 2, Resurrection, and continue Chrisitna's story. Jennifer did a fabulous job with this one and I know the next books in this series will be awesome!

Rating - 5 stars

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(This ebook was not provided for review. It's one that I won in a giveaway.)

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