Thursday, September 1, 2011

20 random facts about me


1. My heart belongs to Jesus!
2. I turned 20 this year =D
3. I have 3 sisters and a niece
4. I have asthma
5. I still haven't gotten my driver's license =/
6. I ADORE dogs
7. I don't think I know how to swim. (It's been a long time!)
8. I'm a shy person
9. I had a bunny named 'Bunny Boy' for six years (He passed away last october)
10. I love photography
11. I went to a private Christian school since I was 10
12. I want to go back to school for nursing
13. My best friend lives in Arizona
14. I live in Southern California
15. I attempted to learn how to play the piano.. notice how I said ATTEMPTED.. yeah, it wasn't pretty
16. I'm afraid of heights
17. I had braces for 2 1/2 years
18. I love action movies more than chick flicks
19. My favorite chapstick flavor is strawberry
20. I like to make people laugh

If you want to do your own '20 Random Facts About Me' post, you can go ahead and snatch the pic too! Oh yeah and can you leave a comment so I can check it out??


  1. Random fact #5 - neither do I, and I turned 19 last month. :-P Mainly because we already have three drivers in the family and, since there isn't a big need for me to drive, might as well save the insurance money. ;-) lol

    Random fact #17 - I'm hoping to get off my braces in about 6 months. if I do, then I'll have had them for about the same length of time as you.

    Random fact #18 - OH YEAH!!! Who cares about soppy, girly-giggling chick flicks?! Gimme the gritty ACTION!!!

    Random Fact #20 - I'm with you there. You should see the stuff I do to get my sister (ever serious!) to laugh! :-P

  2. OMgosh...I love still haven't gotten your either...but it's not because I don't want....I'm just so stinkin' busy...ya know??? Okay, so I almost done with that post btw. I'll send it to you before I post...okay? :]

  3. Katie - We have quite a few things in common! =D

    Nonners - LoL! Yeah I got my permit but it expired because I never had time to practice driving =/ oh well!

    Ok thanks!


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