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Waterfall Wednesdays - Week 1

Waterfall Wednesdays - A Read-Along Event
Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren 
Discussion 1- Chapters 1-6 
Today's questions hosted by Tinasbookreviews

Discussion Questions

Waterfall opens with the introduction of Gabi, shes depressed, a little angry and is dealing with feelings of loneliness. Are you connecting with her this soon in the novel? Do you see things you like or dislike? 

Almost immediately, Gabi became a favorite of mine. She's such an adventurous, courageous character that I couldn't help but like and wish I knew. Sure she complained a little(or a lot) at first, but what teen girl doesn't complain or make a huge deal about almost every little thing they feel is wrong or unfair about their life? It didn't bother me one bit and it just made her feel a lot more real.

Gabi gets to time travel back to 14th Century Italy- The Dark Ages in its prime. Is there anytime in history that fascinates you and would you travel back if you could? 

If I were able to, I think I would like to travel back to the 1940's. I don't really know why. Maybe it's because I'm so into everything about WWII. I know I'd probably be scared out of my mind to be living during a war like that, but I just love that time period.

Most of the men, including Marcello have a very set opinion about a woman's place. Gabi gets manhandled a bit in these first few chapters, and even gets asked if shes a witch. The men are shocked when Gabi rides a horse like a man and shimmies down the castle walls. What do you think of men's mentality back then? Gentlemanly, chauvinistic, simple-minded? 

I found their mentality to be extremely gentlemanly. During that time it was what they were used to and what was expected.

When Gabi becomes a part of this era, the people are immediately intrigued but suspicious of her. Many judge her by her difference. Do you think this is fair? Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like an outsider or that others were misjudging you? 

I think 99.9% of us have been in a situation where we feel like we don't fit in or misunderstood. There have been plenty of times when I've felt like an outsider, especially because I'm a shy person. Unfortunately a time where i really felt out of place was at a new church I started to go to. The girls weren't all that welcoming and didn't make me feel too good about myself. It sure didn't help boost my confidence, but I got over it after a while. Thank God all churches aren't like that though!

What do think the coolest thing would be about living in the Dark Ages? What would be the worst?

 I think it'd be pretty cool wearing the dresses. And the best part would be literally having a knight in shining armor =D

The worst part would be not having a toilet and shower, and other things like a tooth brush, a razor, and deodorant at my disposal. How could a girl walk over to a cutie like Marcello confidently with morning breath, forest pits, and bad BO trailing behind them?

Oh and not having electricity and Internet access would be horrible!

Ok so those are my answers for this week's Waterfall Wednesdays! Head on over to TinasBookReviews to join and link up your answers.


  1. OH MY! Morning breath and forest pits totally cracked me up! We have all agreed that the hygiene issues would be a huge turn off to the Dark Ages. There have been several of us that have mentioned being shy. Who knew there were so many that suffered this affliction?


    Oh my gosh my stomach hurts from reading that!!!

    Great Answers, loving the toilet discussion from everyone..:)

  3. As both Julie and Tina have have a very vivid and funny imagination, Crystal!! I seriously laughed out loud, right here at my kitchen table, and my whole family looked at me weird. :-P lol

    Great post! Loved reading your thoughts. :-P

  4. Julie - Lol! Yes the hygiene issues are a big downside. I was surprised to see that there's quite a few other people who said they're shy too!

    Tina - Haha! There are just some things I'd go crazy without. The toilet was probably the first thing most of us girls thought of when we read that question. =)

    Katy - LoL! Thanks! I was cracking up as I was typing it and the look I got from my sis was most likely the same one you got from you family =D

    You know what I just realized? I meant to put jungle pits, not forest pits LOL! Oh well, i'm sure you got a pretty good idea of what I meant ;)

  5. I don't know if I'd want to go to the 1940's--seems like an awful tough time...not that every time doesn't have it's pitfalls. By the way, our blogs are twins...we're using the same one of Lori's themes:)

    Here's my post:Waterfall Wednesdays-Week 1

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  6. Melissa - Yeah that's true. I know I saw that a while ago! How funny.. Her designs are so awesome. I'm hoping to get a custom made one soon =D

  7. LOL!!! "Forest pits" is the quote of the day, I think, hahahahahahaha...

    ...You know, there have been various practices of hair removal throughout the ages (some cultures were even more ANTI-HAIR than we are) - maybe we should coax Lisa into researching some of them and then writing another book explaining how a modern girl would have to adapt to the "weird" ways of doing things ;o) haha...

  8. Great answers! Never thought about shaving under my arms, but hey, there are daggers and the men shave so there's got to be something we could be very careful with to shave under our arms with. Very careful!

    Loved your answers!


  9. It's a great question I haven't yet researched--did they shave the pits? Did they care??

    And I agree...1940s would be far enough for me. It'd be cool to be part of the "greatest generation." And yet, I hope, we can be too...

    See you next week!!

  10. Rebecca - I know! That would be quite interesting to read about =D

    Buried in Books - Thanks :) I know, right? There had to be some way!

    Lisa - I wonder the same about the ladies back then.. how did they do it? LOL! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  11. The 1940s would be fun for it's fashion sense. I love the victory rolls and the bright red lipstick. I don't think I'd do very well though with the war...


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