Sunday, July 3, 2011

Review: One Lane Bridge

David C. Cook(October 2010)

About the book - 
Between trying to run two restaurants, keep his daughter from dropping out of college, and satisfy his lonely, aging mother, J.D. could use a rest. One tranquil evening, he takes off on a ride in the country to clear his mind. Top down, setting sun, wind of his hair... leak in the radiator. Walking up to an old farmhouse to ask for water, J.D. finds a family living in poverty, and he vows to help.

But he discovers that nothing about the family - and the one lane bridge that led him there - is as it seems. The more he pursues answers, the less he understands. His wife and his best friend think he's crazy. But solving the mystery will change him forever...

My review -
J.D. and his wife Karlie live in the small town of Hanson, NC. They've enjoyed a long 20 year marriage with little to no real problems. But that changes when they find out someone has been stealing money from one of their two restaurants and their daughter announces she's dropping out of college. The stress of it all begins to overwhelm their marriage. One night J.D. decides to take one of his mind-clearing drives. When he comes across a One Lane Bridge, he turns onto to it but then has car trouble. He doesn't have any bars on his phone so he then goes to a house that's near the bridge.

That's where he meets the Clem family. Paul, his wife Ada, and their fourteen year old daughter, Lizzie. This family was poor and J.D. wanted to help them with as much as he could. When he got back home he told his wife all about them and the next day they got some groceries to take to the family, but J.D. couldn't believe what he saw when they got to the spot where the One Lane Bridge was the night before. He didn't understand how the Bridge and the house could have disappeared in one night. His wife begins to worry about him and tells him to see a doctor. He refuses to go because he knows what he saw was real. He won't let it go until he figures out just who the Clem family really is.

This is the first novel by Don Reid that I've had the chance to read. His writing style kept my attention and interest throughout the entire story. I wanted to figure out who the Clems were just as much as the characters did. There were some interesting twists and turns and the ending was completely unexpected. This had a time travel, supernatural feel to it and it was different from the novels I usually read. I'm afraid to say anything else because I don't want to give anything away, but it was a touching story and I really enjoyed it. One Lane Bridge is a clean, easy read that'll have you wanting answers to the mystery of the Clem family.

Rating - 3 stars

(I was provided a review copy of this book by David C. Cook.)


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  2. Hey Melanie! I just sent you an email with the details =)

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower of your blog. I've never heard of this author before...his book looks really interesting. Thanks for the review.
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