Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Blog Questionnaire

I  found this questionnaire on Wall-to-Wall-Books and thought it'd be fun to take a few minutes and answer the questions here. 

1. How often do you post and how often do you visit other blogs? -
I try to post at least three times a week, whether it be a book review, meme, or giveaway. I want my readers to have something interesting to read when they stop by. I visit  my favorite blogs any time they have a new post up.

2. Do you always comment, or do you only comment when there is a contest? -
It really depends on the posts. If it's something I'm interested in, then I'll comment.

3. When you "follow" a blog, do you always go back and visit or are there some that you only followed for a contest? - 
I usually go back to the blogs I "follow" for a contest. A few of them have actually become my favorite book blogs :) I also feel bad following them just for the contest and then deleting them or never going back.

4. How often do you enter book giveaways? -
I don't enter every book giveaway I come across. If it's a book I know I'll like then I'll go ahead and enter.

5. How long have you been blogging? -
I've been blogging for almost 2 years now. My blogoversary is coming up soon(August 10)!! 

6. Do you have book giveaways, how often, and why do you do it? -
I try to have at least one giveaway a month. If I get a review copy of a book that I liked but don't think I'll be reading over again, I just give it away to one of my readers. The reason why I do giveaways is because 1. You get more blog traffic, 2. You make your readers happy, 3. I can clear my shelf and make room for more! The cost of sending books Media Mail is $2.50 where I live. That's not much and it benefits my blog and readers.

7. What other booky sites do you belong to? -
Goodreads, Shelfari, and Book Blogs.

8. How often do you use "Bookish Memes"? -
I just do one or two a week. It's a great way to meet new book bloggers and find some awesome blogs.

9. What do you like or dislike about some blogs? - 
The one thing I really don't like about some blogs is when they have too much going on everywhere and the page takes FOREVER to load. It's even worse when it freezes my computer.
I really like when I find a blog that has similar tastes and interests as me. 

10. Have you gotten close to any bloggers, just through blogging? -
Yes! I have gotten close to a few bloggers and consider them friends, even though I've never met them in person. :)

OK now its your turn - time to speak your mind!

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