Monday, June 6, 2011

Shattered by Melody Carlson

My Rating: 4 stars
About the book - 
Everybody does it—sneaks out of the house now and then. It's harmless enough, right? Not this time. Cleo Neilson faces the chilling consequences of her actions. Now she has a secret and can’t tell anyone, and it’s breaking her heart. As Cleo fights through her grief and guilt, she learns about faith in God and forgiveness through him. As teenage girls read Cleo's journey, they too will learn the value of having faith and receiving forgiveness as well as just how dangerous it really is to keep a secret.

My review - 
Cleo's best friend Lola is moving away. She has plans to go to a big Christian concert in the city with her as a last night of fun before she leaves the next morning. Her plans begin to take a detour when her overprotective mother refuses to let her drive her dads car. No matter how much begging she does, her mom won't budge. She won't accept her moms offer to join the two girls, so she tells her they're staying home for a movie night instead. Cleo thinks she's come up with an excellent plan to go to the concert on the bus, even though she knows her mom would freak out if she found out what she was doing.

When tragedy unexpectedly strikes, Cleo can't help but feel like it's all her fault. Guilt starts eating her up inside and when she finds some of her mothers pain pills, she takes a few to try and numb the overwhelming pain she is feeling. Will she be able to keep her devastating secret to herself? Will taking a pain pill here and there really help cover up the pain and grief she feels or just create a new struggle in her life?

Melody Carlson has a special gift of writing stories that teens can truly relate to. She has the kind of writing style that you easily get lost in. When I started reading this I had planned on only reading a few chapters, but three hours later I was done. My first impression of Cleo was that she was a spoiled, disrespectful brat who didn't appreciate her mother. Sure she was overprotective, but it was only because she wanted what was best for her. Of course Cleo doesn't see that until something so important to her is taken away.

Even though this book is geared towards teen readers I still enjoyed it and think anyone can benefit from it. Melody did a great job showing readers how horrible it can be when a drug addiction starts to take over someones life. Instead of turning to God, Cleo turned to drugs. She tried numbing all the feelings she had by taking a few, but she ended up becoming dependent on them. She felt like she couldn't function without them. There were a few predictable parts, but overall I enjoyed reading Shattered. I would definitely recommend this for older teens. This is a quick read that makes you think about the way your life can change so much with one bad decision you make.

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(I was provided a review copy of this book by Glass Road PR and Navpress Publishers.)

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