Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Right Call (Sophie Trace Trilogy - Book 3)

The Right Call. Kathy Herman. David C. Cook.
March 2010. Paperback. 400 pages.

Ethan Langely is back in Sophie Trace for the summer where he'll be splitting his time between working for his uncle to save money for college and seeing where his relationship with Vanessa goes. Before he has a chance to be reunited with Vanessa and her baby, Carter, a series of random shootings leaves four people dead. Ethan's cousin, Drew, just happened to be a friend and roommate to one of the victims, Tal Davison. Police Chief Brill Jessup and her detectives begin their investigation, but nothing comes up that could lead them to a possible suspect. Not too long after, Drew is shot and killed while Vanessa and baby Carter were visiting him, leaving her traumatized over seeing the whole thing play out.

Ethan tries to deal with his grief over losing his only cousin, who was more like a brother, by spending as much time as he can with Vanessa and Carter, and working with his uncle. When his co-worker, Stedman Reeves, seems to be sympathetic towards Ethan's loss and a little too interested in the details of the shootings, Ethan begins to wonder how much Stedman really knows. Soon Brill begins to find clues and evidence that point to Stedman as the killer. Panicked and scared for his life, Stedman makes a late night call to Ethan and tells him everything he knows about the shootings and how he is connected to them. Knowing that Ethan is dating the Police Chief's daughter, he's hoping that he'll go and convince her that he isn't responsible for the killings.

Now that Ethan knows all the details, his life is in danger as well as the lives of the two people he's come to love so much, Vanessa and baby Carter. What should he do? If he goes to the Police Chief with the truth it could save Stedman from life in jail, but it could also be the last of him, Vanessa, and Carter. The hand he's been dealt is impossible, life threatening and down right terrible. Will he trust that God will guide and guard him and show him what to do?

Suspenseful, fast paced, engaging, and awesome! That's what The Right Call was for me. The characters all come off as real people and the struggles within the Jessup family are realistic. Ethan and Vanessa's relationship was gradually growing throughout the whole book and the ending was so sweet. Not only does this book have an amazing mystery, but it also addresses addictions and how it can easily take over your life and affect the lives of others around you. The Sophie Trace Trilogy has something for everyone. There's suspense, mystery, action, drama, and a bit of romance. I love how the author weaves in the Gospel throughout each of the 3 books. Some people might feel like it's a little too preachy at times, but it didn't seem that way to me. I think older teens and adults would enjoy this series as much as I did. When I think about this Trilogy, these three words come to mind -- Faith, Restoration, and Forgiveness. LOVE it!

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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(I'd like to thank Karen Stoller of David C. Cook for sending me a review copy.)

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