Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Last Word (Sophie Trace Trilogy - Book 2)

The Last Word. Kathy Herman. David C. Cook.
October 2009. Paperback. 400 pages.

Police Chief Brill Jessup and her family are anxiously waiting for her daughter, Vanessa, to return home from college. When she arrives the excitement quickly turns into shock when they see her bulging belly. Brill and husband, Kurt, are not only devastated that Vanessa would just throw away the Christian morals and values they instilled in her, but also that she didn't tell them about her pregnancy for the past seven months. Her friend from college, Ethan Langely, joined her on her trip back home to help break the news to her parents. She reluctantly told them about the baby's father, her college professor, abandoning her and their unborn baby. Now with only two months left in her pregnancy, she needs to make the tough decision to either keep the baby or give him up for adoption.

As if Brill didn't have enough on her mind, she gets a call and finds out that a criminal she helped put behind bars was just released from prison. He's already stabbed and wounded her old partner, Zach, and is now threatening to get revenge on everyone who took part in sending him to jail. When he kills one of her detectives, Sean O'Toole, she clearly sees that he will not stop until he gets to her. Knowing that she's his next victim and he could possibly target her family, she makes sure they are protected round the clock. Will Brill catch the murderer before he can get to her or her family? Will she be able to get past her anger and disappointment toward Vanessa and help her make one of the most important decisions of her life?

The first thing I want to say is that although it is not necessary to read Book 1, I would recommend that you do. The references made of The Real Enemy are explained, but I think it would just add to your enjoyment if you read them in order. After reading the previous book, I had very high expectations for The Last Word. Even though it didn't quit live up to them, I still liked it and thought it was good. Here are the two main reasons why I didn't enjoy it as much. 1: You know who the killer is practically the entire time, so there is really no mystery(I probably shouldn't have expected too much mystery, especially because the book is listed under Suspense.) 2: During the middle parts of the book, I felt like it wasn't going anywhere and it dragged on and on. I became a little impatient while in the middle of it and I was tempted to skim through to the ending. But I didn't!

The suspense, action and drama was mostly in the beginning and end and there were few twists to the story and unpredictable moments. Those moments are what kept me reading and turning the pages. I also liked the new characters introduced and enjoyed getting to know them all a little more. The message I got out of the book is that God can restore lives and bring us closer to Him, no matter where you are in life. This book was still very much worth my time and I do recommend it. The next book in the Trilogy is, The Right Call. I'll be reviewing that one next.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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(Special Thanks to Karen Stoller of David C. Cook for sending me a review copy.)

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