Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Real Enemy (Sophie Trace Trilogy - Book 1)

The Real Enemy. Kathy Herman. David C. Cook.
March 2009. Paperback. 384 pages.

Colleen "Brill" Jessup is the new Police Chief of Sophie Trace, Tenn. She's the very first female to hold that title in the small town, so she definitely feels the pressure to prove herself worthy of it. Before she can even get settled into her new office, people begin to disappear out of nowhere and the suspect(s) leaves little to no (mostly none) evidence or leads for the police to follow. The small town residents are quick to speculate that these mysterious disappearances are the work of the local legend's, "red shadows."

Meanwhile Brill's husband, Kurt, is still struggling with the past act of unfaithfulness. Even though he's repeatedly shown her how regretful he is, she still has anger and bitterness toward him and doesn't try to hide it at all. The only reason they haven't gotten a divorce is because they "agreed to disagree" and continue to raise their youngest daughter, Emily, together. The tension between them is affecting all 3 of their kids and they begin to realize that something has to change. Will Brill be able to restore the peace in Sophie Trace and in her home?

Kathy Herman, you are now on my list of favorite authors! This fast paced novel is definitely a must read. The suspense, mystery, and family drama kept me turning the pages and interested all the way through to the end. The characters are memorable and realistic and the mystery was amazing. I liked reading how Kurt continued to love his wife and did whatever he could for her when she clearly had not forgiven him yet. He had faith that God would restore their marriage, even if it wasn't going to be in an instant, he was willing to do whatever it took. I enjoyed this novel so much and I'm really excited about reading Book 2 in the series, The Last Word. If you're into Christian mystery/suspense novels, I think you'd enjoy this one.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

You can read the first chapter HERE
To buy this from the publisher click HERE

(Special thanks to Karen Stoller of David C. Cook for sending me a review copy.)

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