Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Francis and His Barnyard Friends

Francis and His Barnyard Friends. Tamika Rhodes. Dorrance Publishing Co. 
October 2005. Paperback. 30 pages.

From the publisher:
Getting along isn’t always easy. Sometimes we might start to feel a little annoyed by those we spend our time with. That’s understandable – but make sure that’s all it is, and don’t let your differences drive you apart.

Sunnybrook Farm is bustling with animal activity, but it is also the scene of some unhappy friendships. Francis, a calm and fair Saint Bernard, must keep the peace between Mother Hen and the other animals. Mother Hen decides that the farm animals – the chicks, pigs, cows, sheep, and others – cannot be mixing with one another. It’s up to Francis to show her the error of her ways – and the harm that can be done with such a mindset.

Francis and His Barnyard Friends is an enlightening story that will teach young readers the importance of cultural diversity and the value of friendship.

My Review:
I got this book yesterday and immediately read it to my niece. Even though the pictures are in black and white, she still enjoyed it. Francis the saint bernard was her favorite character and she was rooting for all the animals to be friends again. I like that the story teaches kids that we should accept others as they are, because differences are a good thing. Kids will not only get a few minutes of entertainment when reading this, they will also get a good lesson on accepting others just the way they are. The only thing I was irritated by is the way the pictures were placed. It was a little confusing when the picture you're looking at is of the scene you just read about on the previous page. Other than that, I'd say the rest of the book was okay. Recommended for kids ages 5-8.

My Rating: 3/5 stars

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(This book was provided for review by Dorrance Publishing Co.)

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