Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Beaver Kid's Adventures

The Beaver Kid's Adventures. Elena Dobrina. 
Dorrance Publishing. October 2007. Paperback. 120 pages. Ages 9-12.

As I've mentioned before, my niece loves animals, so I try to request books from Dorrance Publishing Co. that have something to do with them. This story is about the "Beaver Kid" and the many adventures he's had in his young life. He's experienced many things, from a flood that swept him away from home, a run-in with poachers, learning to adjust to new surroundings, making new friends, and a whole lot more. There are 26 short chapters and each include a beautiful and colorful illustration of the scene. The author did a great job with the illustrations.

Another reason why I requested this book is because I wanted to know why a children's chapter book would cost $88. I've never seen any book, other than college text books, cost that much. Anyway, back to the review. Since this is a chapter book and my niece is only 4, she was only interested in the pictures. I think animal loving kids that can read on their own would enjoy this book to some degree. Here's why I say that. There were a few times when the sentences seemed to go on and on and became confusing. The authors use of large words like adjacent, auxiliary, dormitories, fulvous and peaceableness might cause kids to lose interest or become discouraged and not want to go on because they don't understand. The characters and story were cute and interesting, but I think a little more simplicity would have been fine.

My Rating: 3/5

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(This book was provided for review by Dorrance Publishing.)

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