Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forgotten: Seventeen and Homeless

Forgotten: Seventeen and Homeless. Melody Carlson. Navpress.
 August 2010. Paperback. 208 pages.

All of her life seventeen-year-old, Adele, has had it pretty rough. When things start to turn around for her and her mom she feels like she'll finally have a normal life. When she began to attend a new school she quickly made new friends and loved that they knew nothing about her life before them. Her life was changing. She had lots of friends, a much better place to live, and a little more money for better clothes. She even thought her mom was going to actually do good at her new job. It all seemed too good to be true and unfortunately it was all about to end soon. 

When Adele's mom leaves her to fend for herself, she gets a new job to have at least a little money at hand. She soon gets evicted from her apartment and ends up living in an old van she nicknames, "Darth Vader." She keeps her circumstance to herself and does everything possible, including a lot of lying, to keep her wealthy friends from finding out. When everyone finds out about her being homeless, how will she deal with the embarrassment, rejection, and loneliness?

Forgotten is the first book in the Secrets series by Melody Carlson. I began reading it before I went to bed and quickly realized that that was a big mistake. I couldn't put it down and I wanted to see what happened next so bad! Even though I felt glued to this book, I still have mixed feelings about it. The story was predictable at times, and I felt like it ended too quickly. I wanted to see what happened to the mom and friends after Adele started to get her life in order.  I think I expected a little more from this story, but it was still a good read. This book is for teen readers and I really liked that it's a clean story with nothing inappropriate. I'm actually looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series.

My Rating: 3/5 stars

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(This book was provided for review by Navpress Publishers.)

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