Saturday, August 28, 2010

Claim (The Homeward Trilogy - Book 3)

Claim. Lisa T. Bergren. David C. Cook. June 2010.
Paperback. 400 pages.

Nic's reunion with his sisters, Odessa and Moira, is closer than ever, but first he needs to get back on his feet. Now penniless and ashamed about what he's let his life come to, he wants to get back to them better off than he is now. While working on one of the many jobs he's taken up, he met Peter Vaughn. He owned a mine and was looking for an extra set of hands to help him out. Dominic wasn't completely on board, but he was willing to think it over. When he decided to head over to the Vaughn claim to speak with Peter, he got news from his son, Everett, that he was shot and killed. Nic unexpectedly became the child's guardian and owner of a very valuable mine. He also found himself falling for, Sabine, the local school teacher. With all this responsibility being thrown on his shoulders, he finally begins to turn to God and trust Him with his life and everyone in it.

Moira is now living with Odessa and Bryce on their ranch. Pregnant and still recovering from the horrible accident that left her scarred for life, she doesn't feel worthy of Daniel's love. With Odessa's help, she begins to rediscover her gifts from God and tries to accept the hand she's been dealt in life. Daniel is also struggling with a past incident and he can't bring himself to tell Moira everything. Will it cost him the love of his life? Will they be able to leave the past behind them and move forward?

This is my absolute favorite out of the three in the series! I was sad when I was at the last few chapters because I felt like I was losing a friend that I had just gotten to know. There was just enough action, suspense, romance, and adventure to keep you reading and entertained. My favorite scenes were in the mine. Wow! I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. The characters all went through a lot of trials, but God brought them through and they eventually found healing, forgiveness, and love. I really enjoyed reading these books and am very pleased with the way the story ended for the St. Clairs. Each book could be read as a stand alone, but it'd be best if you read them all so there's no confusion and you can enjoy the series in it's entirety. What an amazing ending to this awesome trilogy! 

My Rating: 5/5 stars

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*Special thanks to Karen Stoller of David C. Cook for sending me a review copy.*

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