Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breathe (The Homeward Trilogy - Book 1)

Breathe. Lisa T. Bergren. David C. Cook. June 2009. 
Paperback. 416 pages. 

When Odessa St. Clair is on the brink of death from consumption(Tuberculosis), her father, having recently lost his wife and four young sons, feared that he would lose another child, so he decided to send her off to Colorado. Odessa and her two sibling, Nic(Dominic) and Moira, traveled from Philadelphia to one of the best sanatoriums in hopes that they would be able to cure her. After arriving to the sanatorium Odessa begins to make progress. She meets two other patients, Sam O'Toole and Bryce McAllen. Sam owns a Silver Mine in the area, and Bryce is a rancher. One night Odessa overhears a noise in Sam's room. She heads over to see what happened and sees that he was murdered. When she receives a poem he left her, she has a feeling it leads to his hidden mine. She begins to fear for her life when it becomes more evident that people in that town will do whatever it takes to find that mine. 

Meanwhile, Nic and Moira are trying to adjust to their new life. Moira is a talented young singer and has always dreamed of being in an Opera. She becomes involved with the town Sheriff, Reid Bannock, but that turns out to be a big mistake. Nic is expanding his fathers publishing empire, but really has no interest in continuing the company. He wants to break free from it and continues to let his anger and frustration take over. He goes from fist fights on the streets to boxing in the ring. Little did the St. Clair siblings know what they were in for when they first arrived in Colorado Springs. Can they overcome the battles that surround them?

Honestly, I wouldn't normally choose to read a book in this genre because I thought I'd eventually get bored. The beginning was a bit slow for me and I sort of lost interest, but it picked up toward the middle and kept my attention. This Western/Romance/Mystery novel kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat. I love that there was mystery and the added suspense toward the end made it even better. At one point I thought I had it all figured out, but the ending really surprised me. I think that's what really makes a story great, when the reader is caught by surprise and the plots twists and turns keep you guessing. The romance is clean and the fighting scenes are pretty much rated G, so anyone could enjoy it. This is a well written novel that I'd definitely recommend. I'm looking forward to getting to know these characters a bit more as I move on to the next book in the trilogy, Sing.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

You can read the first chapter HERE
To buy this from the publisher click HERE

*Special thanks to Karen Stoller of David C. Cook for sending me a review copy.*

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