Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot: She Was Tempted To Give In

Hot. Laura L. Smith. Navpress. May 2010. Softcover. 176 pages

Lindsey Kraus is a sophomore in high school and a dancer in her schools dance team. Ever since her full makeover by her sister Kristine, she went from being the gawky kid in eighth grade to the pretty girl she always dreamed of being. Her new look drew in the boys and they started asking her out. The only problem was that they all seemed to be interested in one thing. Lindsey wanted someone that would listen to her and actually want to know her. Then, while rushing to class one day she ran into Noah Hornung, a Junior in the high schools hockey team. She really didn't know him much, but after that run-in she couldn't stop thinking about him. They began dating and Noah made her feel beautiful and loved. He listened to her and the problems she had at home with her family just seemed to go away when she was with him. One night at their youth group meeting, their pastor talked about the physical relationship God intended for a married couple to have. Lindsey always believed that she would save herself for marriage, but with Noah having already gone too far with another girl, she worries he'll try to pressure her into doing something she'll regret. Will she give in to temptation?

I started reading this book today and finished within an hour. I liked this story a lot, but there were a few things said by the teens that I could have done without. It's kind of sad because when you think about it, a lot of teens these days say and do much worse things, and purity and abstinence are the last thing on their minds. Anyway, the author did a great job and I love that the characters deal with real issues that teens and young adults deal with as well.

My Rating: 4/5 stars

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(This book was provided for review by Navpress Publishers.)

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